Environmental Baseline Studies

Why conduct environmental baseline studies?
The purpose of an environmental baseline study is to provide an information base against which to monitor and assess an activity’s progress and effectiveness during implementation and after the activity is completed.
Conrad Douglas & Associates Limited (CD&A) has been conducting environmental baseline studies for more than 25 years. We have conducted baseline studies for major industrial and commercial facilities on the following parameters:-
  • Water environment;
  • Micro-meteorology; 
  • Air environment;
  • Noise environment;
  • Soil environment; 
  • Land environment; 
  • Biological environment; and 
  • Socio-economic environment.

When should a baseline study be undertaken?

A baseline study should take place as soon as practicable after an activity begins. Being effectively the first step in the activity’s monitoring and evaluation system, the baseline study is an early element of the activity monitoring plan.

What are the solutions that CD&A offer?

In conducting the environmental baseline study, CD&A will use best practices which include assessing the historical monitoring data for various parameters collected by different agencies as well as collecting primary monitoring data. CD&A will generate a statistical summary of the data and suggest methods for statistical analysis and graphical and other methods of presentation; and recommend scientifically sound methods of data analysis.
Once you retain CD&A, you can be assured of our high level of personalized and professional service. We will go the extra mile to apply our over four hundred (400) cumulative man years of experience to your project, no matter the size. 
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