Socio-Economic Impact Assessment


What are socio-economic impact assessments? 

Socio-economic impact assessments examine how a proposed development (e.g. the building of houses, piers, hotels or mining operations etc) will affect the lives of current and future residents of a community. They measure, among other things:- 
  • Changes in community demographics;
  • Results of retail/service and housing market analyses;
  • Demand for public services;
  • Changes in employment and income levels; and
  • Changes in the aesthetic quality of the community.

Why are socio-economic impact assessments important?

Conducting socio-economic impact assessments is important for several reasons. In general, they are used to alert the community, including residents and local officials, of the impact and magnitude of a proposed development on the community’s social and economic well-being. The assessment can also help communities avoid the creation of inequities among groups with the community as well as encourage the positive impacts associated with the proposed development.

How is a socio-economic impact assessment carried out?

There are two (2) main steps involved in carrying socio-economic impact assessments. The first is defining the scope of the assessment and the second is identifying and evaluating the development impacts of the project, which includes examining quantitative changes as well as community perceptions.

What can CD&A do for you?

Whether you are a Government regulator, project developer or a member of an affected  community, Conrad Douglas & Associates Limited (CD&A) can, through fieldwork using participatory appraisal methods and quantitative surveys, collect and analyze data on, but not limited to, the:-
  • Biophysical environment;
  • Political and institutional environment;
  • Present land use patterns and management;
  • Local infrastructure;
  • Social and other community services and facilities;
  • Population and demographic characteristics; and
  • Livelihood, health and welfare characteristics.
We can also do a cost-benefit analysis of the proposed development. 
Once you retain CD&A, you can be assured of our high level of personalized and professional service. We will go the extra mile to apply our over four hundred (400) cumulative man years of experience to your project, no matter the size. 
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