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Project Planning, Development Management, Environmental Management, Engineering & Technical Consultancy Firm with a distinguished track record working extensively on projects in Jamaica, and the World.


Conrad Douglas & Associates Limited (CD&A) was established in 1985 to chart a course in the role of project development, environmental engineering and environmental management in bringing about sustainable development. Throughout its thirty-eight (38) years of existence, CD&A has tackled a number of sensitive projects in the processing, transportation, housing, hotel and tourism, energy, industry and mining sectors, and institutional strengthening in Jamaica and the rest of the world, across five (5) continents.

CD&A has a highly experienced, interdisciplinary team of environmental professionals and consultancy experts who have pioneered project development and environmental consultancy in Jamaica and have a distinguished track record working extensively in support of development projects in Jamaica and the world. These professionals come from a number of fields, including:-

Project development and management
•    Feasibility studies
•    Environmental assessment
•    Environmental engineering
•    Terrestrial and aquatic ecology    
•    Hydrology and geology
•    Marine sciences
•    Physical planning
•    Economics and statistics
•    Chemical and process engineering
•    Applied chemistry
•    Institutional capacity strengthening

Corporate/Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy is as follows:

To ensure compliance with all national policies, legislations, regulations and standards and those of any jurisdiction in which we may develop and implement projects through the education and training of all our staff, proper procedures and timely audits within our office and on projects with which we are engaged.

To promote sound environmental management in the Jamaican society through the media and presentations and in collaboration with various public, private and non-governmental organization.

To strive at all times to conserve on the use of energy and materials, and through research and development, to continually adopt new and better methods for increased efficiency, effectiveness and environmental soundness and compliance in all our activities.

Organizational Structure

CD&A has a fully staffed and equipped office of eight (8) full-time consultants and fifty (50) rostered associate consultants who are committed to providing quality services to clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

A Board of Directors oversees the operations of CD&A and the day-to-day activities are coordinated and managed by the Executive Chairman & Principal Consultant.

The organizational structure is schematically illustrated below:-

Our Vision, Mission and Values


CDA-ESTECH’s vision is to be a leading global provider of high quality Consultancy Services in the areas of Environmental Management, Project Planning, Project Development, Process & Environmental Engineering and Information & Knowledge Management that exceeds the expectations of our clients, supported by our highly qualified, experienced, professional and satisfied staff.


CD&A’s mission is achieved by:-

  • Recognizing and fulfilling our corporate and social responsibilities; 
  • Being committed to succeeding as a team; 
  • Always acting in our clients’ best interests; 
  • Treating employees, clients and sub-contractors with fairness, honesty and integrity; 
  • Encouraging and rewarding personal and professional growth; 
  • Remaining at the forefront of technological advances in the project development and environment fields; and 
  • Setting and achieving aggressive yet realistic goals.


CDA-ESTECH is a values-driven company that strives to provide high quality, cost-effective environmental management and scientific and technological solutions, which, when incorporated into project management activities, provide clients with the knowledge base and recommendations necessary to make vital project, financial and sustainable decisions

Come meet us up close

Executive Chairman & Principal Consultant

Dr. Conrad GC Douglas, CD, BSc, PhD, MJIE, MJIM
Executive Chairman & Principal Consultant

Dr. Douglas has been a Consultant for more than thirty-eight (38) years. His work has spanned several regions, including North and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia, for several major national and international public and private sector organizations. He has written over three hundred and fifty (350) major reports on environmental management and related matters and has published over forty (40) papers in national and international journals. He has done work for several organizations, including USAID, UNEP, CIDA, IDB, OAS, NRCA/NEPA, US Embassy, ALCOA, WINDALCO, ALPART, UNDP, UNIDO, Bank of Nova Scotia, National Commercial Bank and CEMEX/Rinker Group. Included among his studies are several sections of the Jamaica Country Environmental Profile - Energy, Agriculture, Forestry, Industry and Industrial Pollution, Geology and Mining, Land Use and National Parks and Protected Areas, and the Plan for a System of Protected Natural Areas for Jamaica (Systems Plan). He has lectured at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona. While at the UWI, he also co-supervised the work of two (2) Ph.D. students. Dr. Douglas was also visiting Professor of Applied Chemistry at the UWI. Dr. Douglas has served on several international and national boards and committees. He is a past Chairman of the Scientific Research Council (SRC) of Jamaica and a past member of the National Commission of Science & Technology (NCST). Dr. Douglas earned his Ph.D. through a Joint UWI/ALCAN industry project concerned with the interactions of caustic soda and other sodium compounds with red mud. He is a member of the Jamaica Institution of Engineers (JIE) and the Jamaica Institute of Management (JIM). He is the recipient of several awards for outstanding service to Science & Technology in Jamaica and for voluntary service. In 1995, Dr. Douglas was awarded the Jamaican Society of Scientists and Technologists, C.O. Bloomfield Award for Science & Technology in Industry, and in 2015 he was awarded the National Honour of Order of Distinction, Commander Class (CD) for his distinguished contribution to Science, Technology and the Public Service. Dr. Douglas is also distinguished past president of the Kiwanis Club of North St. Andrew in Jamaica. He founded the companies Conrad Douglas & Associates Limited (CD&A) in 1985, and Environmental Science & Technology Limited (ESTECH), a subsidiary of CD&A, in 1995.

Board of Directors

Dr. Conrad G.C. Doulgas, CD, PhD
Executive Chairman & Principal Consultant

Lynden Nugent, B.Sc., MBA, MJIM
Deputy Chairman

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Ms. Melissa Douglas, BA, LLB, AKC, LEC
Director/Corporate Secretary

Doran Beckford, B.Eng., Dip. Bus. Admin., MBA

Technical Team

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible professional approach to to services we offered to our many clients in the environment and planning industry.

Mr. Doran Beckford, B.Eng., Dip. Bus. Admin., MBA
General Manager

Mr. Vance Johnson, BSc., MSc.
Technical Director

Ms. Melissa Douglas, BA, LLB, AKC, LEC

Mr. Reece Adams, B.Eng.
Senior Process & Environmental Engineer

Ms. Sangeeta Mohansingh, BSc. Comp, BSc.
Scientific Officer

Ms. Sanette Daley, BSc.
Scientific Officer

Mr. Antoine White
Senior Environmental Technician

Administrative Team

Mrs. Elaine Ross-Williams, CAP., DCP.,
Senior Administrative Services Officer

Ms. Aneka Gaynor
Executive Assistant

Ms. Carol Francis
Office Attendant

Grounds Team

Mr. Donald Brown

Mr. Conroy Fearon

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